About Us

We are Jeff & Paula Bennett. Our family lives in Northwest, Central Indiana. We have three grown children and we have been blessed with eight beautiful grandchildren.

We share our [often chaotic] home with our English Bulldogs. However, our passion and favorite hobby; we exhibit (and occasionally raise) AKC Grand Champion Sired English Bulldogs! We are very the proud parents, yes, we consider ourselves PARENTS to our four-legged BABIES. We love and cater to our pets. (Just ask our two-legged children!)

We are proud members of the
Bulldog Club of Indiana, of which Jeff is the Vice President. We are also members of the acclaimed Bulldog Club of America.

After reading About Our Dogs, hopefully you can tell a little bit about how much all of our bully babies mean to us. Therefore, please do not be offended if we ask you A LOT of very personal and somewhat invasive questions,especially when it comes to considering new homes for our bully puppies. We want to make sure that our bully babies are as good a match for you and your family, as you are for them! We feel it is our obligation to choose the best family to adopt them and we take this responsibility very seriously.

We believe that our puppies are BLESSINGS. We go out of our way to hand raise them with a lot of extra special care, love and attention. Breeding for temperament and health are our top priorities. Finding each one of them the best forever home is our ultimate goal. We want your new puppy to be a blessing to you and your family as well!

Also, we are not shy about telling the world up front, that we will earnestly PRAY over the placement of each and every one of these precious little puppies. We know firsthand, how the Lord can, and will use these smaller forms of life, to communicate His unfailing and most precious gift. The gift of unconditional love! We believe in ONE CREATOR of ALL THINGS, and we believe in the power of prayer, in Jesus Name!