We just want to say THANK YOU...

Special Thanks goes to BCI President, Dan Ryle of RyleMeUp Bulldogs, and Faye and John Richardson of Empire Bulldogs for all their help and encouragement, and their time in mentoring us in this wonderful Bulldog breed.

Empire's Honorable Mentions:

  • Faye also happens to be the Breeder of the some of the most renowned Bulldogs in the World. Check out her website, Empire Bulldogs or visit the Bulldog Club of Indiana‚Äôs Website to learn more.
  • (3-3-09) Dogs In Review Magazine February 2009 Issue, Volume 13, Special feature 2008 top dogs. Faye is listed as the # 11th breeder out of fifteen of the top dogs in 2008.


Special, Special Thanks goes to Debbie LeFeber, of BoilerUp Bulldogs, first of all for all her guidance and expertise in the care and breeding of top quality Bulldogs, but even beyond that, for her friendship, not to mention her valueable time and effort in helping us care for and raise puppies. It has been our pure joy getting to know her and Keith. We look forward to a long lasting family friendship!

Special Thanks goes to Robin Russell of Toadhall Bulldogs, for all her help and encouragement as well. Robin has gone above and beyond to mentor us, and stay in constant communication with us over the years. Incidentally, she is also the Breeder/Owner of awesome top quality Bulldogs, including Faith's Sire: Ch.Toadhall Leo, so we are certainly want to credit her for helping us get our matriarch, Faith, in the first place.

Thank you to Dr. Emily Schattel Bowers, DVM, Dr. Natalie Strode, DVM and Dr. Kayla Ehlers, DVM and all the staff at Pets and Vets as Partners, who has been wonderful in helping us birth and care for our brand new bully babies.

Thank you to all the staff at Battle Ground Veterinary Clinic who has been wonderful in helping us care for all our four-legged babies for decades.

Thank you to the Faculty and Staff at Purdue University Small Animal Hospital. Their care and concern for the safety of all animals made all the difference in the world to us!

And a very special Thank you goes out to Dr. Augustine Peter, DVM at Purdue University. His service continually goes above and beyond. Dr. Peter always takes extra time to not only discuss and alleviate our concerns, but it is evident that he really cares about educating us, and not only through the Medical Science involved in "creating life", but also about the true Miracle of Life found in all of God's Creation.

Thank you to ALL the Members of the Bulldog Club of Indiana. You are ALL the Best!!! Each and everyone of you are a tribute to the many others that are so passionate about this breed! Your willingness and eagerness to share your wealth of knowlege shows how much you care about Bulldogs!  Thank you for letting us learn from "the Best of the Best"  and be a part of such a great orginization! 

We are truly blessed!