Frequently Asked Questions


A. We will try to set a fair local market value on our puppies, however, please keep in mind there are major costs to consider when breeding purebred Bulldog puppies.

We have found AKC Bulldog Puppies for sale all over, ranging anywhere from $1500.00 - up to $3800.00 or even more. It gets down to this...are they "pet quality" or are they "show quality" and are they raised with their health and temperment as the main factor. The closer to the 'Breed Standard' typically the more expensive the puppy is....but ask yourself this I going to actually show my puppy? If the answer is YES, then the initial investment probably won't matter to you at all, especially once you find the right one...and if not - well, ALL DOGS are still pets whether they ever set foot in a show ring or not.

* We had show quality puppies out of our last two litters, and this litter has excellent Grand Champion Bloodlines. We believe we have “Show Quality” puppies, with excellent confirmation, health and temperament!  Bennett's Legacy of Faith by Empire was bred to GrCh. Silverjack's Benson F. Moses, and we are very pleased that this has proven to be an excellent match!

Again we strongly encourage you to look around. Do not hesitate to travel a great distance to find the right puppy for you and your family. This is a huge, long term investment, not only in money, but your time, resources and most importantly, your heart! Search the internet, talk at length with other breeders. Find out how the puppies are raised and socialized...are the pups a part of the family or are they left alone in a kennel all day. Ask to check out the breeder’s location, and/or kennel in person.  PLEASE BE VERY AWARE OF PUPPY MILLS!!!

Never blindly send a deposit to someone via the internet for a puppy you've never seen. Always ask for a NEW picture of the puppy you are interested in to be emailed to you immediately. Ask for picture to have an item of your choosing, or a newspaper with a Code Word you have selected included in the picture next to your puppy, along with the current day's date on the photo. Then make the necessary arrangements to physically go see your puppy in person!


 A. There are several reasons why you pay more for Bulldog puppies. The primary reason being that bulldogs are not easily bred naturally, so there are several more steps, a lot of extra time, veterinary expenses, and sometimes special paperwork, to get the female pregnant. Lastly and most importantly, it can be dangerous for a female Bulldog to whelp her puppies without a Cesarean Section. (Bulldog puppies tend to have larger heads and bones, which makes natural births far more risky.) If you want more details, please call us. We will be happy to discuss this more in depth with you over the phone.


 A. Yes.  See a Copy of our Adoption Agreement for further details.


A. Absolutely NOT! We want to meet the new owners face to face. If you are willing to pay the additional expenses for shipping, then we may be willing to meet you half way, or deliver the pup to you personally. We believe it is not safe to ship a puppy via common carrier, although we know several reputable breeders who feel differently. But honestly, after caring for these little Bully babies for 8-14 weeks, we want to make sure they are going to the best possible home. It is our goal to screen prospective new parents, educate them on the English Bulldog if necessary, and make certain their new owners are absolutely sure they know what they are getting into! English Bulldogs are not the best breed for everyone!!!! It can be like having a two-year old for the rest of your life!

As a side note:
Bulldogs are not a breed for those wanting to make quick money raising dogs, there is nothing quick or easy about it - believe me,we know. They require a lot of time, and a lot of extra expenses for proper, quality care. We have heard and seen the horror stories from within our own club. That is why we try to be extra careful. We have researched and asked for help and guidance, not only from other very experienced breeders, but several veterinary professionals as well.

We attend several educational seminars each year to insure that we are properly caring for and breeding happy, healthy, top quality Bulldogs. We are passionate about our dogs. They are our family! Our pets are our pets for life. You will never see us try to place an older dog, simply because he or she is no longer suitable for breeding or showing.  An adult pet will never be placed outside our home, unless it is in the absolute best interest of our pet itself.

So as you can see, you can rest assured - first and foremost, WE LOVE OUR PETS!  We believe they are Heaven's Blessings and we do not ever want take any chances with their health and well being. Of course, we cannot possibly plan for everything, so that is why we PRAY a lot and put our trust in the Creator of all living things! Ultimately He knows best!

We try to be good stewards and take care of the gifts God has given us, and we are thankful for every opportunity and take every precaution He has put at our disposal. Not only do we want to breed top quality bulldogs, but safe, happy and healthy ones.

Still Think Bulldogs Are Too Expensive?

Now that you've taken the time to read ALL this, you've done your research, and yet you feel that it may still be just a little too much money to pay for a Bulldog?..... then you are absolutely and positively right!

If you are concerned that the initial investment is too much, then it is certainly going to be way too expensive to properly care for and maintain a Bulldog. They require a lot of time and money!  You may want to look for a less expensive breed of dog, possibly one with a little less upkeep and maintenance.

Occasionally we breed hypo-allergenic AKC Registered Maltese puppies. Although, they require a bit of maintenance also - just a differnet sort.

Remember, there are many wonderful pure-bred, and non pure-bred, or mixed breed dogs and cats that would love to go home with you and be a part of your family!  Unfortunately, the shelters and rescues are full of them. If you are just looking for a general pet, Please, please contact one of them first! The best friend you may ever have may be ready and waiting for you right now!!!

On the other hand, if you are still Interested in a BULLDOG...then CONGRATULATIONS! Consider yourself ruined! Once you've given your heart to one of these endearing little Bully've lost your heart for good, and you'll never be the same again!

They truly are one of the most loveable and enjoyable breeds there are. Full of love, humor and personality.  They bring such joy and love...and in this house, we have found, you just can't put a price tag on unconditional love!

That’s the true beauty of it – once the initial price is paid –from then on, it's a Bulldog or Maltese blessing that just keeps on blessing!

Please call us or email us with any and all other questions you may have, we would love to take the time to chat with you!

Thank you and God Bless you!


Basic General Bennets Bulldog Blessings Adoption Agreement Available by Email Upon Request