Bella                                                                             ADOPTED by Daymond & Danielle Turner

 Niko                                                                              ADOPTED by Daymond & Danielle Turner

 Nastassja  ( 3 Weeks Old )










Whispering Willow   ( 3 Weeks Old )













Diesel ( 3 Weeks Old )







Jiggs  ( 3 Weeks Old )


One Eyed Jack   ( 3 Weeks Old )











Dozer aka Rowdy    ( 3 Weeks Old )

Nastassja at 6 mo, and is she CUTE!!   She is content and patient! This baby girl is Red and White...she will be a real Show Stopper! ADOPTED by the Lefeber family of Lafayette             

Willow at 6mo with her pal Paw's,  ADOPTED by the Clemons family of Lafayette             

 Diesel at 6mo (formerly known as Mohawk) is adorable and just a bit spoiled! He likes to be cuddled, which is a good thing because he has been ADOPTED by the Taylor's of Indianapolis.

Jiggs at 6mo old (formerly known as Snuggler) is a Picture Perfect Bulldog, who has just been ADOPTED by the Bragg-Bowland's of Wisconsin.  It is our prayer that he will be a huge blessings and able to make a lot of children smile!



6 mo Frankie. Our grandkids LOVE this Bully Baby!!! . ADOPTED by the Otte family of Lafayette.                                                    

Dozer at 6mo. Mr.Personality Plus!  He is an all white, big beefy boy, with a sweet disposition.  Wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in a Show Ring too. who has just been ADOPTED by the Cross Family of Wisconson