Just a Few Testimonials...


Hi Paula and Jeff!

Paula and Jeff love each any every bully like their own and they take exceptional care of their dogs! We adopted a 3 year old bulldog, Tyson, from them that they rescued at a car show after finding him in distress. They took him home, got him the medical care he needed, showed him lots of love (Jeff even slept in the guest room bed with Tyson while he was at their home) and thankfully called us! We've had him ever since and love him to death! We would recommend them as a breeder to anyone!

Best of Luck

Kate Smith 


   As you already know we are head over heels for our fur son Pupper!  He has enriched our lives in more ways than we could have imagined.  We have been incredibly blessed to meet the Bennett's who allowed Pupper to come into our lives. 
Pupper is a total delight! He is sweet, smart, very affectionate and funny!  We think of the Bennett's often and fondly and there is no doubt in our minds that Pupper owes his wonderful nature to your careful breeding, loving care  and the wonderful "family" setting that you raised him in until he was ready to come home with us. Thank you Jeff and Paula for your devotion, time, energy and LOVE that you put into raising your pups!! 
We would encourage anyone looking for a pup to contact the Bennett's.  Driving from Cleveland Ohio to pick up Pupper was an experience we will always cherish and is truly one of the highlights of our lives.

 As always, we hope all is well with you and yours.
Joseph & Lila
PS -  Pupper sends Hugs & Kisses
Red heart

 Our family has known Jeff and Paula Bennett for many years.  They are wonderful people and their love and affection for bulldogs is unbelievable and we have been fortunate enough to witness it.  They had rescued a one (1) year old male and had him in their home for a short while because they wanted to make sure he was fit to be adopted.  Jeff and Paula's only intention for this little guy was to find him a good, loving home.  After we met this "bullie" we had to take him home.  He is the best dog and our entire family loves him and he immediately fit in.  Jeff and Paula commented to us when we were leaving their home that night that if this adoption didn't work out for us, for whatever reason, we should feel free to bring him back to them.  That is the kind of compassion they have and they truly only want what is best for their bulldogs.      

We have interacted with them when their female dogs have had puppies and they give their female dogs outstanding care, before, during and after pregnancy.  They are responsible breeders and what we love too is that they are very particular about the homes their bulldog puppies go to.  Their bulldogs are a priority to them and they want each family that has one of their bulldog puppies to treat them the way they would.  There is nothing wrong with that and that is what makes them such great people.

Brian and Shelley Sterner

Lafayette, IN